With a hands-on approach to helping our portfolio companies grow and reach their ultimate potential within their marketplace, Rogers VP is unique not only for its financial capabilities and investment expertise, but also for the unparalleled resources at its disposal.

Who We Are

Rogers Venture Partners (“RVP”) was established in 2012 as a newly minted $150M venture capital fund headquartered in Palo Alto. The RVP team brings a wealth of global operating and investing experience. At RVP, every one of the partners has an operating background and, most importantly, all came from the high tech industry. As a result, our partners are deeply rooted in the operating ecosystem, allowing portfolio companies to better develop key partnerships and establish meaningful customer contracts. We look to take active roles within each portfolio company and are committed to working towards a common vision of revolutionizing the status quo.

RVP currently has one limited partner, Rogers Communications, Inc (“RCI”) (www.rogers.com), one of Canada’s most storied companies and its leader in telecommunications services, products and technology. RCI stands as a unique operator, encompassing both mobile and wireline/cable subscription services. In addition, RCI is a leading publisher in print, radio broadcasting and digital media. Although RVP is not a “strategic” technology venture fund for RCI, our close relationship with RCI provides ample opportunity for our portfolio companies to benefit within the broader RCI ecosystem. In addition, our relationship with RCI further equips RVP with the added tools and market intelligence needed stay ahead of emerging trends.